Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is also called pure coconut oil because the raw material is fresh coconut without going through the refining process, the process temperature is lower (cold-pressed) and without using preservatives.

Because VCO is produced without heating, the mineral content, vitamin E, and poly-phenols are still intact.

The end result of this process is Virgin Coconut Oil which is clear and colorless (like water).

virgin coconut oil

Why Choose Our Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)?

Looks so Good on the Outside. It’ll Make You Feel Good Inside.

  • Made From Fresh Coconut
  • Organic (Coldpress & Centrifuge)
  • Sterile Pollutant Free

VCO can be used for external use, drink, or stir fry/salad dressing. VCO Suitable for sensitive skin such as face, baby skin, elderly skin, and problem skin kit.

Quality Control

In order to ensure the product arrives well we implement quality control with the best quality standards.

On Time Delivery

We are committed to delivering products on time according to the contract agreement even faster!

Ada Coco is always available.

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