RBD Coconut Oil

RBD Coconut Oil or know as raw coconut oil is produced from copra (dried coconut). The copra is then extracted with an expeller press to produce Crude Coconut Oil. Some companies add Hexane solvent to simplify the extraction process and extract the remaining coconut oil, to reduce production costs.

However, we do not use Hexane because Hexane is flammable and harmful to the body. If swallowed or inhaled (hexane can evaporate when exposed to heat), hexane can cause poisoning symptoms such as headache, vertigo, nausea, decreased appetite, decreased vision function, irritation of the respiratory tract and intestines.

coconut oil

Why Choose RBD Coconut Oil?

Processed and ensured quality.

  • Clear Coconut Oil
  • Rich in MCT and Lauric Acid
  • Grade Customization by Buyer

Because it still contains dust, dirt, insects, fungi, and substances that can harm the body, so it must go through the Refined process (purification, remove dirt), Bleached (filtering with carbon), and Deodorized (heating and evaporation to kill germs and remove coconut fragrance). The result is clear coconut oil, not as yellow as palm oil, and still rich in MCT and Lauric Acid.

RGB Coconut oil can be used both for external use (such as for hair masks, massage oil, facial and skin moisturizers), drunk (because it does not contain Hexane, so it is safe), frying, and also as a cosmetic ingredient.

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