Coconut Peat (Soil)

Coconut Peat (Soil) is a growing medium with a fairly high water absorption capacity and can store more water than accommodated in the soil.

Cocopeat easily absorbs and retains water. It also has pores, which facilitate the exchange of air and the entry of sunlight. The content of Trichoderma mould, a type of enzyme from fungi, can reduce disease in the soil. Thus, cocopeat can keep the soil loose and fertile.


Why Choose Our Coconut Peat (Soil)?

Boost the fertility of your garden soil.

  • 100% Pure Coconut (Premium Grade)
  • Super Fine
  • Multi-purpose growing medium

This organic growing media has better quality than the soil in general. Cocopeat is a growing medium made from coconut coir. Therefore, it is most easily found in tropical and archipelagic countries, such as Indonesia.

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