Coconut Fiber (Coir)

Coconut fiber, or coir, a natural waste product resulting from the processing of coconuts, comes from the outer shell of the coconut husks. The fibers are separated, cleaned, sorted, and graded before shipping.

Coir mulch uses include brushes, ropes, upholstery stuffing, and doormats. In recent years, coir has become widely used by gardeners as a mulch, soil amendment, and potting soil ingredient.

Coconut Fiber

Why Choose Our Coconut Fiber?

The best coconut fiber processed with the best technology.

  • Premium Grade
  • Moisture: ≤ 8% (max)
  • Dust Content: 5-10%

Coco fiber is suitable as a cover for planting media so that the plants look more beautiful. The advantages of coco fiber are not moldy even though they are watered many times and does not damage the content of the planting media.

Coco fiber has many benefits for plants, including 18% potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and several other mineral contents, which are very good for plant growth. The texture is light, so it doesn’t make the planting medium-hard. Contains acidity (pH) in the range of 5.5 to 6.5. Has a good water absorption ability and is able to store water reserves for plants. Capable of absorbing liquid, oil, and animal waste, making it suitable for use as a filter. It can be used as a substitute for KCL fertilizer, peat growing media, and sphagnum.

Quality Control

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