Frequently Asked Questions

We offer various types of coconut-based products, such as Copra,
Coconut Fiber, Charcoal Briquette, and not limited to other coconut products. You can view our products on the “Products” page

Yes, you can order product samples from us.

Note: The requester pays shipping fee terms.

Unfortunately, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia was in a state of large-scale social activity restrictions.

Note: This is valid until an undetermined time limit.

Yes, of course, Ada Coco serves transactions and purchases from various countries by complying with the terms and conditions of applicable international law.

It’s simple. You can order the product you want by contacting us via email, WhatsApp (chat only).

For more information please visit the “Contact Us” page.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.



Ada Coco is always available.

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